Your Safety and Security Guaranteed on this Website

If you are new to the Crimebodge website, you might have questions about its purpose, its legitimacy and its security. The following FAQ will hopefully answer those queries:

Is this site legal?

Yes. All the articles, products and services provided on this website are factually accurate and within the law.

Although this site is highly critical of the police and the authorities, it is not an attack site or a hate site. It is designed to help people understand and assert their rights where they do not have access or the means to legal representation. In the 10 years the site has been running, it has never been the subject of any legal action or been challenged by the authorities. Why would it be? This website operates ethically and honestly.

Is this site secure?

Yes, it always has been. Recently I have upgraded to Siteground for additional reliability, speed and security. This website also has server side protection provided by Siteground for maximum security.

Is this site safe to purchase from?

This site has been running since 2012. In that time I have sold thousands of Ebooks and assisted many thousands of emailers. All payments are processed by Paypal directly through the Paypal website. No credit card or payment details are stored on this site or anywhere else.

Every payment you make is protected by Paypal’s seller/buyer protection program, so in the unlikely event there is a dispute it is dealt with directly by Paypal.

How do I know my personal details are safe using this site?

Any information you share with me via email, purchase, subscriptions or other communication methods remains 100% confidential and secure. I do not keep and store personal data in relation to those who purchase products or use my services.

I do not share email lists or send out spam email. I may, on occasion, send out emails of products, articles and services that may be of interest to those who have subscribed, emailed me or purchased products in the past. These types of emails are very infrequent and you are free to opt out of them whenever you wish.

Do you provide legal services?

Due to the massive influx of emails I receive, I am no longer able to provide advice. The only proviso to this is if you keep your emails very short, and your question is straightforward. If I was to answer all emails asking for help, I would have to spend all day every day doing it!

Will you bring a private prosecution for me?

Unfortunately the vast majority of people who contact me are attempting to use PP punitively against the authorities, often for the most spurious of claims. This devalues and undermines my work and is an abuse of process.

I will only consider private prosecution against violent police officers or those who pose a serious risk to the public. In any event, I will decide for myself what prosecutions to bring and I will not pursue them on behalf of anybody. I do not require the consent of the victims. However, as their evidence and involvement is important to me, I will ask the victims if they are willing to assist me during the investigation stage. If the victim does not provide any assistance then I am unlikely to pursue the prosecution.

I have a video or information I want to share with you, how do I go about it?

Please use my contact form here.

If you have a video you are willing to allow me to use on my Youtube channel then please send me a link to it. You can host it privately on Youtube or upload it to to a file sharing site. I will not accept downloads via Dropbox due to their appalling security, and willingness to surrender encrypted keys to any authority that requests them.

Can I send you something via Whatsapp?

As whatsapp is owned by Facebook, it is unsecure and unreliable. I have also found that some submitters who use Whatsapp will continue to text me for legal advice, often outside my working hours. For that reason I rely upon email for all communications.