Watch How This Vehicle Owner Defeats the DVLA Car Clampers

This video was sent in by a Crimebodge reader who came up with a novel way of stopping DVLA clampers from taking his vehicle.

Private wheel clamping was outlawed in 2012, but there are still plenty of public authorities who can immobilise your vehicle when it takes their fancy. This includes the police, the council, bailiffs and the DVLA. Reasons for clamping could be anything from an unpaid tax disc to an unpaid parking fine.

In this instance the DVLA sent a private firm of clampers out to collect for an unpaid tax. The vehicle owner was told that if he didn’t cough up £260 within 24 hours his vehicle would be towed away and further charges would follow.

The vehicle owner couldn’t pay. So the bailiffs slapped him with a notice to impound the vehicle and went off, giving the owner a week to find the cash, or lose his vehicle.

The owner knew that tampering with the clamp would be a criminal offence. So instead he came up with a much more creative way to make the money…

…He began stripping the car down and selling off the parts, right where it stood. A wheel here, a car seat there. All at giveaway prices. Either way he knew the combined sale price would be a lot more than the bailiffs would get at auction.

He hoped that by the time the bailiffs returned, all that would be left would be one axle on a pile of bricks. With the clamp still fully attached.

The video shows the bailiffs returning and then arguing with the vehicle owner about the legality of what he was doing. As well as throwing a big hissy fit about being filmed on the street. The clamper then calls the police. The police – knowing that the local authority might be cheated out of a few quid – arrive with sirens blazing.

This scenario was however a total head scratcher for the boys in high viz. Technically the vehicle hadn’t been moved nor had the clamp been tampered with. So there really wasn’t anyone they could arrest. Not happy with this the DVLA clamper then makes an untrue claim that the clamp key won’t turn in the lock. This nod and a wink was all it took for the police to arrest and charge the owner with criminal damage.

However, knowing full well the lock hadn’t been damaged, the police offered him a ‘get out of jail’ incentive. If he will just admit to the criminal damage and pay a £70 fine then no further action would be taken.

The vehicle owner stood by his guns, denied the criminal damage and refused to pay.

He hasn’t heard from either the police or the DVLA since. Neither of them are willing to press charges.

I wouldn’t want to speculate on the legality of all this, but I will say that Aydil has my fullest respect for his balls and creativity.