TV Licensing And Their Dodgy Warrants

Here are two more examples of TV Licensing failing to execute their bent entry warrants alongside yet more police officers who think they work for the BBC.
In both cases, the occupants of the house rightly refuse entry to the TVL mobsters, who subsequently leave empty handed. The police however, who should not play any part in the execution of the warrant, barge their way in and make an appeal on behalf of TV Licensing to search the place.

In the highly unlikely event you are served a search warrant by TVL – baring in mind that there are only a handful of magistrates that the BBC can rely on to be gullible enough to sign one – you should always refuse them entry to your property.
It is BBC policy never to force entry, which negates the whole purpose of the search warrant in the first place.
In the case of the second video, the police officer announces that he is there to ‘assist’ TV Licensing with their job of enforcing the warrant. As always, this is a cop that is clueless about his duties and the law. His job is not to ASSIST, but to ensure that no breach of the peace occurs as TVL try to con their way in.

Clearly, the cops believe that the urge for members of the public to punch Capita agents is more tempting than it actually is. But what is really going on here is the favour the police have for all things corporate.
There is no threat of a breach of the peace, both the police and TVL know that. TVL however just like the police at their side to lend their hooky search warrant more weight. Hopefully putting the frighteners on whoever opens the door into thinking they must allow everyone in.
But even with a search warrant, you are totally within your rights to refuse entry to both Capita and the police. Yet another reason why you should NEVER ALLOW THE POLICE INTO YOUR HOME, and whenever practical, refuse to open the door.
Bare in mind that nearly all of the search warrants obtained by TVL are done so via an abuse of process. Capita routinely submit false statements and fabricated evidence as a means to procur their warrants from a gullible Justice of the Peace.
If ever you encounter a search warranted TVL goon at your door with the cops, not only should you refuse them entry, you should got to court to challenge the validity of the search warrant itself. By doing so you will then uncover the fraudulent means that it was obtained by and you will put yourself in a strong position to sue TV Licensing and win a healthy compensation claim against them.