The 10 Worst Police Forces: Most Corrupt Complaints System

I spend a lot of my time giving advice to those who have been failed by the utterly corrupt police complaints system. By doing so it never fails to amaze me just how often the police will disregard, misinform or even punish those that turn to them for help. This is because on the whole, the police seem to think that they provide their services to the public as a favour, not an obligation.

In some cases the people that come to me cannot get the police to perform even the most basic of tasks: Such as investigating a serious crime or even allow one to be reported. When challenged or asked to hold themselves to account they usually respond in a vile manner, before resorting to intimidation and threats, as well as wilfully and openly abusing their positions of authority to get the complainant to surrender to them.

Over the years I have heard thousands of horror stories, and read an almost equal number of complaint reports that have been rinsed and bleached by the police professional standards department. In the last year I have been hearing more and more complaints about the same police forces, over and over again. And always with the most shocking and outrageous behaviour from the officers concerned.

The truth about police complaints
Recently I decided to see if there was any correlation with the forces I keep hearing about and the official figures on police complaints. In my experience it’s the police forces that uphold the least number of complaints (while receiving the highest number of them) which have the greatest disregard toward the public. This demonstrates just how willing officers in the complaints department are to get their colleagues off the hook at the expense of the public.
Each year the IOPC publish comprehensive data on police complaints (the only useful function they serve). Although they give the figures of which forces have the highest amount of complaints, and which forces have the lowest rate of upholding those complaints, they fail to compile them into any league table. So I have done it for them.

Sure enough when I re-compiled the data, the same forces I keep hearing about over and over were right up at the top. So if you are unfortunate enough to live within the borders of any of the forces I have listed below, I would urge you to be extra vigilant when having any contact with the police. These are the top ten worst forces in the country, who employ the most poorly trained, self-entitled and unruly police officers in the country.

10 worst police forces in England and Wales

10. Wiltshire Police
Complaints (over 12 months): 880
Staff Employed: 2,296
Complaints per 1000 staff: 383
Chief Constable: Mike Veale
Previous Chief Constable Patrick Geenty took early retirement right after the IPCC buried an investigation on him in relation to a sexual abuse inquiry.
9. Leicestershire Police
Complaints (over 12 months): 1,550
Staff Employed: 3,851
Complaints per 1000 staff: 402
Chief Constable:  Simon Cole
Leicestershire Police faced ridicule last year when it emerged officers would only investigate break-ins at properties with even door numbers.
In 2014 Leicestershire police were also the subject of an undercover documentary revealing just how unruly and negligent police officers are. It has to be seen to be believed.
8. Surrey Police
Complaints (over 12 months): 1,680
Staff Employed: 4,112
Complaints per 1000 staff: 409
Chief Constable: Nick Ephgrave
Previous chief constable Lynne Owens was yet another example of an under-qualified pile of useless being catapulted into a top job by virtue of having a vagina. Under her politically correct tenure, Surrey Police were condemned for ‘failing vulnerable children, rape and domestic violence victims asking for assistance’. Despite her utter uselessness she was then given the job as head of the National Crime Agency. Supposedly Britain’s answer to the FBI. That is if the question is: got any raped children that want ignoring?
7. Nottinghamshire Police
Complaints (over 12 months): 1,710
Staff Employed: 4,139
Complaints per 1000 staff: 413
Chief Constable: Chris Eyre
In 2014 Notts police announced it will not attend a third of reported crimes. They did this in protest to government cuts despite the fact that cuts to frontline policing are forbidden.
6. Northumbria Police
Complaints (over 12 months): 2,382
Staff Employed: 5,709
Complaints per 1000 staff: 417
Chief Constable: Steve Ashman
Previous Chief Constable Sue Simm (another useless top cop promoted by virtue of her sex) took early retirement right after allegations were made that she bullied her staff.
5. Devon and Cornwall Police
Complaints (over 12 months): 2,431
Staff Employed: 5,789
Complaints per 1000 staff: 420
Chief Constable: Shaun Sawyer
Had any items taken from you by Devon and Cornwall police that they never returned? Well chances are they are flogging it for a profit on various auction sites.
4. Bedfordshire Police
Complaints (over 12 months): 914
Staff Employed: 2,083
Complaints per 1000 staff: 439
Chief Constable: Jon Boutcher
Previous Chief Constable Colette Paul took early retirement right after a report from HMIC declared her police force as being unfit for purpose.
Bedfordshire police have been criticised by Liberty GB as being a Shariah compliant force.
3. Gwent Police
Complaints (over 12 months): 1,033
Staff Employed: 2,331
Complaints per 1000 staff: 443
Chief Constable: Jeff Farrar
Previous chief constable Carmel Napier was given the heave-ho by Gwent Police and Crime Commissioner when he cited her leadership as being “unacceptably dismissive, abrupt and unhelpful.” Yes, just like most of the uniformed officers that work under her.
Jeff Farrar was recently investigated by the IPCC for ‘corrupt practices’. The IPCC swiftly buried the investigation before it’s completion.
2. Avon and Somerset Police
Complaints (over 12 months): 2,524
Staff Employed: 5,511
Complaints per 1000 staff: 458
Chief Constable: Andy Marsh
Previous Chief Constable Nick Gargan resigned in October 2015 right after misconduct proceedings which found him guilty of being a sex pest.
Current chief constable Andy Marsh is married to one of his assistant chief constables.
1. Lincolnshire Police
Complaints (over 12 months): 1,032
Staff Employed: 1,780
Complaints per 1000 staff: 580
Chief Constable: Neil Rhodes
Lincolnshire police were condemned last year when it emerged that a third of adult rapes reported were recorded as ‘no crime’. Unsurprisingly Lincolnshire has the highest ‘no crime’ rate in the country.
The most common complaint made against Lincolnshire police is that the officers neglected or failed in their duties.
The IPCC have attempted to excuse away the excessive amount of complaints received by Lincolnshire Police as being the public’s fault, because – get this – “the public are ‘readier and more willing’ to complain as well as having ‘more things to complain about”.