Surrey Police Put 7 Year Old On Wanted List

A Crimebodge reader just sent me a screengrab from Epsom and Ewell Police’s Facebook page. Whereby the police are on the search for a 7 to 8 year old who allegedly knocked a 5 year old to the ground after grabbing her by the throat:

What is fairly typical about this heavy handed approach is the police’s loaded intention to go after the parents as well as the child. No doubt so they can set their social services attack dogs onto them.

This is yet another example of how the police favour allegations – no matter how petty and unfounded – over the accused. Because the one question Surrey police won’t be asking, is where the parents of this 5 year old were when she was being attacked in the ‘soft area’? Is one parent’s legal obligation to monitor a 5 year old voided by the other parents failure to monitor their 7 year old?

And is Epsom and Ewell such a crime free area that a child, beneath the age of criminal responsibility, should make it onto their most wanted list?

Thanks to D.L for spotting this one.