Success! Another Harassment Warning is Removed

I was very pleased to receive this email in my in-box recently.

Hello Rob!

I am pleased to inform you that I finally have had the unwarranted Harassment Warning Notice I mentioned removed from the Police National Computer.

I appreciated your sound counsel and support throughout in achieving it.

The circumstances of the Harassment Warning Notice were that I was badly injured at work and ‘medically retired’. Head of Human Resources tried to deny me compensation, retirement and service pensions so, understandably, I fell out with my former employer.

A few days afterwards, the Local Beat Manager called at our home and issued the Harassment Warning Notice. There were no words to describe the feelings that I experienced, that morning, as a law-abiding citizen.

Apparently, HR had complained to a Police Officer, who I have still never met to this day, and he issued the Harassment Warning Notice without making sufficient enquiries to determine if such a cause of action was either warranted or justified.

I complained to the Force’s Professional Standards, who acknowledged in writing that the Harassment Warning Notice was unjustified, but the investigating DS told me that a Harassment Warning Notice could not be removed from the PNC but it was not a criminal record!!


I have since found that the Harassment Warning Notice entry had breached:

Protection of Freedoms Act 2012

Data Protection Act 1998 (Principles 2, 3 and 4)

Human Rights Act 1998: Article 7 (No Punishment without Law) & Article 8 (Respect for Private Life)

Computer Misuse Act 1990

PNC Manual Volume 2

Then I read your article and made a request under the ‘Exceptional Case Procedure’. I hope that other followers of Crimebodge, in similar positions, will follow up on your helpful advice and get their own unjust Harassment Warning Notice removed.

Full Name & Address Supplied

Hopefully, this will encourage more people to challenge harassment warnings which are nothing more than a verdict without trial.

I’m always interested in hearing any success stories from anyone who has used the resources available on this site with success, so please email me. I will not publish your emails without your permission.

By publicizing your stories it will encourage others to challenge abuses of authority and hold the police accountable.