If you have a video you are interested in sharing with us, please get in touch. We have an active following on YouTube, with over 47 million views accumulated across 95 videos.

The Crimebodge YouTube channel is a swift and effective way to gain rapid exposure. Our videos regularly go viral and are shared on all social media platforms. We can provide a full analysis of each video, establishing the legality of the police’s actions, and in some cases, we can help you take legal action.



You can submit your video in any format via the following methods:

  • Send us a link to where your video is already online.
  • Upload the video privately or publicly to YouTube and send us the link
  • Upload the video to a file sharing service such as Google Drive or WeTransfer and send us the link
  • Add the video to Dropbox and send us the link



We are only interested in videos not reported  by the mainstream media.

The video must relate to encounters with law enforcement such as police, PCSOs, street wardens, bailiffs, debt collectors, or any other official or member of the public acting in an enforcement function.

When submitting videos, please ensure the following:

  • You own full rights to the video. If it is body-worn video obtained from the police, you must be the subject of the video
  • You have not already sold or given exlusive or non exclusive rights to the video to any viral video licensing companies, news outlets, broadcast companies, or any other third parties
  • You provide us with any background information we need to prepare your video. (We will not ask for any personal information)



We will review your video and, if we believe it to be of interest, will ask for your permission to use it. Under no circumstances will we automatically upload videos without your written authority.

In sharing your video with us, you will continue to own full rights to it (excluding any additional video or commentary we attach to our upload).

We will not lease your video to any third party nor share its contents without your express permission.

If you require information to be removed, such as the blurring of faces, dubbing of audio, or editing out personal information, we will do this upon request and prior agreement.

If you have any other questions regarding the submission of videos, please contact us.