Police encourage the public to ‘step in’ when witnessing violent crimes (that they themselves have ignored)

According to reports in the press, the commissioner of the Metropolitan police – Bernard Hogan Howe – has suggested that the public should ‘try to step in if they witness violent crime.’
“If you’re physically able and you’ve got some people around you then I would say give it your best shot.” he blathered.
“My encouragement would always be first of all to get some help on the phone, second get some help, get someone to get involved with them, thirdly make some noise, put that person on the back foot, and if you can actually get stuck in then give it a go.”
For those of us who have ever attempted to report crime to the police only to discover that they have little interest in ‘stepping in’ themselves, this statement from Howe may sound somewhat hypocritical. Not only that, the police are another one of these self interested public bodies that will only assist their fellow citizens as far as ‘health and safety’ will allow them. You may remember this fact from reports in the national press in 2010 when West Mercia police refused to help rescue a family that were trapped in a vehicle that had plunged into an icy river. At the time they cited ‘Health and Safety’ as a reason not to engage in the very danger they now expect us to engage in for free.
Unfortunately, the public don’t have the luxury of mitigating their moral duty to rescue someone against the better advice of a corporate rulebook. Outside of the police, I don’t know many people who wouldn’t try to save a member of the public if they felt able to; even though they are unlikely to have all the tools of crime prevention that the police take for granted. Such as stab vests, tazers, incapacitant spray, handcuffs, police radios, a warrant card and the certainty that we won’t be sued if something goes wrong.
It’s not that people are unwilling to help when they witness certain types of crime because they are devoid of morality, it’s just that they are fearful of what could happen if they do. Especially with regards to our politically motivated police, who let’s face it, seem to think that ‘hurting someone’s feelings’ is the most severe crime you can commit these days. This has an even greater significance when you consider that Hogan Howe was speaking in response to the events that surrounded the recent stabbing in Leytonstone committed by muslim maniac Muhaydin Mire.
In the days that followed the attack, the police and their participating media shills launched the mandatory PR damage limitation campaign reserved exclusively for the ‘religion of peace’. They did this by entering a defence on the assailant’s behalf, that his crime wasn’t motivated by the perverted religious ideology that he practised but instead by mental illness. Yet another attempt by the authorities to substitute an unwelcome truth for a much more welcome fiction, thereby sparing the muslim community from having to face up to the inconvenient reality that it is the Islamic religion that spawned Muhaydin Mire.
Outside of the functions of public office, there is no legal duty upon anyone to assist another, so Hogan Howe should keep his mouth shut on telling the public how to do the police’s job for them. Besides which, contrary to whatever low opinion the political elite have of us, there are still plenty of us who have not had our sense of reason and logic sucked out of our heads by the liberal indoctrination we are consistently exposed to and would be quite willing to help another person in distress.

What Hogan Howe failed to acknowledge among all his verbal flatulance is that members of the public had already attempted to ‘step in’ and ‘give it their best shot’ in preventing the particular crime he was referring to. But when it was brought to the attention of the Metropolitan police that Muhaydin Mire was a demented Islamic fanatic with homicidal urges, these warnings were immediately dismissed as the stuff of extreme right wing fantasy. This is because the hardened law enforcement professionals that are tasked with protecting us from the criminal contingent are so terrified of committing an act of political incorrectness, they will automatically disregard any evidence that conflicts with the state mantra – pumped out round-the-clock by the ministry of truth – that Islam is anything other than the fairytale land of peace they want us to believe it is.

It is therefore quite sickening to hear advice from invertebrates such as Hogan-Howe telling us to man up in the face of serious crime and get stuck in, while he and his subordinates will be safely sat in the shadows looking the other way. Meanwhile, those of us in this country who do actually have the balls to stand up to Islamic fundamentalist murderers – by ‘making some noise, putting them on the back foot and getting stuck in’ will be targeted by the police for hate-crime and swiftly silenced.