Police Demand Householders Show Valid TV License or Face Arrest

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Occasionally, I post videos and articles that evidence how the police unlawfully assist Capita thugs in their unscrupulous crusade of telly taxation. All in a bid to protect the propaganda wing of the extreme left – commonly known as the BBC – from having to compete in the free market, where they would deservedly die.

Recently, I chanced upon yet another example of how the police are willing to abuse their authority in assisting TV Licensing. I won’t name the forum this information was posted on because to do so always results in an avalanche of hate mail from its police members. More importantly, I don’t want to give them the opportunity to delete their posting; Something they often do when they are outed for the law-bending ways evident on that site.
Here’s the posting, which was in response to a question concerning police issued notices:

 “I know of an officer who was in a neds house and asked to see his TV licence. He couldn’t find it so the cop issued him with a HORT(1), ticked box 10(other document) and wrote in TV licence. I know he eventually reported him but don’t know if it went to court.”

A HO/RT1 (Home Office Road Traffic 1) is a form the police issue to motorists to produce vehicle related documents to the police station within an allotted timeframe, as provided by Section 164 and 165 of the Road Trafic Act 1988. It’s more commonly known as ‘a producer’. Failure to produce the prescribed documents is a criminal offence.

Only under rare exceptions is the form used for anything other than vehicle offences and it does not have any scope for compelling those issued with it to surrender evidence of having a TV licence. It’s a piece of police note-paper, not a writ.

Any officer who issues a HORT1 document in respect of tv licensing matters, or any other document that compels someone to provide proof of owning a TV licence, is acting entirely outside of their powers and should be reported for misconduct.

Just because you own a TV, does not mean you must own a licence. The TV could be used for any number of purposes that fall outside of licensing requirements. But it’s just like a police officer to get the law wrong, and use that misinterpretation as a means to bully the public.

The police have no powers to demand a person prodice a valid TV licence. But of course, this doesn’t stop some of them from preying on the public’s ignorance of the law and abusing their power whenever it takes their fancy.

I’m fairly certain however, that if you are foolish enough to allow a police officer into your home, and they see your TV on, they will report it to Capita just to stir up trouble. Even if you are exempt from owning a licence, I’m sure Capita, will be more than keen to act upon the information, especially as it came from a police officer.