Crimebodge is back!

In July 2021, I decided to take a very long, much needed break from Crimebodge. In so doing, it gave me the opportunity to work on other projects. The most significant of which is Copper Stopper: the ultimate guide to protecting yourself from the police. It contains everything of significance I have learned over the past 10 years, about abuses of authority. It will be published in paperback early next year. To find out more, and to reserve yourself a copy, take a look here, as you’re certain to find it very interesting.

I don’t like to give my detractors publicity, but I can’t resist the urge to pass comment on some of the rumours that have been spread about my absence. Predictably, the suggestion that I had been ‘got at’ by the police. I think the reason people are so keen to spread that rumour is because it justifies their own inaction. “See, look, they got to Crimebodge, and that’s why I don’t do anything because they’ll come get me as well.”

Well, nobody got to me. My absence was self-enforced. Ironically, the organisations that did cause me serious problems and extended my absence were the very platforms I was publishing on! Godaddy and Google. 

Google tried to end my Youtube channel – due to their fawning surrender to the woke mafia – and Godaddy almost ended my website due to their total incompetence. I was forced to switch my Youtube channel into private mode for three months to protect it from deletion. Meanwhile, my website suffered outages and technical problems at the hands of the world’s worst hosting company, Godaddy.

In the end, I was forced to migrate to a new host, Siteground. In so doing, I took the opportunity to rebuild the website from scratch.

So welcome to Crimebodge 2.0. The upgraded and amended turbo charged version.

Here’s a list of all the improvements I have made:

  • Siteground is now my new host. They have thus far proven to be the Rolls Royce of hosting, compared to Godaddy’s rust-bucket of useless. Not only does the site load ten times faster, it is more stable and secure.
  • I have switched over from a dot-com to a I only deal exclusively with British law, so it makes sense to have a country-specific domain name. It will also help me to rank better in the search engine. I have relinked all the key articles from the dot-com to my new site, with 301 redirects, so eventually Google will stop listing the old domain.
  • The website has been redesigned to incorporate WordPress Gutenberg blocks. This is basically an incredibly powerful and efficient web building technology which gives me much greater control over the site’s layout. It also improves speed and reliability. I no longer have to rely on third party plugins and themes, which caused so many technical issues with the last site.
  • I have redesigned the original logo to reflect the site’s more serious approach to the subject. From the early days, the site was primarily humourous, and the old logo reflected that. Over the years, it has evolved into a much more serious, pro-active resource.
  • I have updated and reformatted every article on this website, weeding out all of the articles that no longer fit the theme of the site. I have added tables of contents to long articles and fixed all broken links. Anything outdated or irrelevant has been pulled completely.
  • I have removed all third party services and applications from the website. Most notably, Google ads. They spoiled the function of the old site on mobile devices. Besides which, I resented the  poisonous presence of Google on my website. However, it does mean that I am no longer able to make money from advertising on this site.
  • My old dot com email address is no longer being used. This is mostly Godaddy’s fault. To further their relentless greed, they began charging a ridiculous fee to host email that had always been free. Another reason to escape their evil clutches. I have set up a new email address at Any emails sent to the old .com will now bounce. This will not affect any dontaions made to, as they go directly to my Paypal account which has been merged with my new email address account.
  • I am no longer selling ebooks from this website. The reason is simple. They are out of date and I don’t have the time to rewrite them. The law has changed quite significantly in the past 5 years and keeping up with all the changes is a full-time job in itself.
  • I am now selling merchandise from this website. Starting with window stickers. I may load other products in the future depending upon demand.
  • I will be updating the site on a much more regular basis. During my extended leave, I had time to re-evaluate the purpose of the site and what direction I intend to take it in. This new site and all future updates will reflect this. The new articles I will be posting will hopefully reflect this.
  • Behind the scenes, I have continued to pursue civil claims, private prosecutions and fight other legal battles. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult to publicise these cases while they are being pursued, as doing so can prejudice them. However, I hope to be able to share information about them in the coming months.

I haven’t abandoned Youtube, but I won’t be uploading there as regularly as I was. I am sick of running the gauntlet of censorship and demonetisation at the hands of an unscrupulous American organisation. Google are malign and I want to limit my exposure to them. The only reason I haven’t switched off demonetisation on my Youtube channel is because if I do, Google will run ads against my videos anyway, and they will earn every penny from it!

By removing all my Ebooks and Google ads from this website, and limiting my exposure on Youtube, I have effectively shut off my income. Until Copper Stopper is published my work relies almost entirely upon donations. I am hopeful that I can remain afloat until next year, when Copper Stopper hits the shelves, and I am grateful to everyone who has donated in the past and continues to donate. This site would not exist without you.

Crimebodge turned ten years old as of June and this redesign and relaunch has been a great birthday present. It has also given me the opportunity to re-evaluate the purpose of Crimebodge and to determine what the best use of my time will be, going forward.

I hope that those who have supported my efforts do not feel like I abandoned them. I hope none of you gave up on me. I didn’t expect my absence to last as long as it did, but writing a 100,000 word book and rebuilding a website from scratch was no easy feat.

Crimebodge is back and I hope I can rely upon your continued support for the next ten years!

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