Crimebodge is 10 years old!

When I first embarked on this endevour I had no intention of it being long term. I needed some way to vent my frustration at the police’s vile attempt to ruin my life and writing was all I was good at. If you haven’t read my origin story, then take a look as it explains what motivated me to begin this website. The story also appears in Copper Stopper, in an expanded form, because not everyone who buys the book will be familiar with this website.

From the outset Crimebodge contained caustic – but humurous – digs at the police, which I hoped would provide relief to anyone who had suffered at their hands. There was almost nothing on the internet at that time which properly criticised and mocked the UK police. And there was certainly nothing out there telling you how to protect yourself from that lawless gang of blue who believe the law is whatever they want it to be.

In relaunching the website I had the opportunity to go through every piece of content I had written. Weeding out anything that didn’t accord with the theme of the site as it is today. Very little content from the early years survived (you can still see some of the artwork in the gallery section if you are interested). The reason is that it took me a number of years before I felt comfortable giving advice on this platform. But from the begining I embarked on an intensive, self-taught, legal education. My aim was to learn everything I needed to know to protect myself – and others – from the corrupt practices of the police. I then began gradually farming out what I had learned and slowly, the website evolved into what it is today.

Within just a few years I had amassed 1.25 million views.

Following on from this, I set up my Youtube channel in August 2017. Very quickly, that became even more popular than this website. In total, I have amassed over 44 million views on Youtube. In 2019, I pretty much abandoned the website in favour of Youtube and I would only post written articles quarterly. Back then I believed that popularity was more important than loyalty. Recently, I have come to see the error of that thinking, and from now on this website will be the primary focus of my work. I haven’t abandoned Youtube altogether but I owe everything to this website. It is my home. I am also free from the censorship and penalty that Youtube inflict upon my content when it steers away from their accepted narrative.

Without this website, and the people who come here, Crimebodge wouldn’t even exist at all.

So from this point on you can look forward to this website being ground zero of my activity. I will also be updating on a much more regular basis. I already have a large number of postings prepared that will set the tone for the new, improved flavour of Crimebodge, and I hope this content will be of great interest to you.

Behind the scenes

People who are familiar with my work will also know that I am very pro-active. I don’t like to just sit and preach problems. I also try to become part of the solution. I have pursued many lawsuits and private prosecutions – behind the scenes – in the hope that it will have some positive affect on our appalling police service. As of this moment, I am in the middle of a number of cases. The problem is that I am not always able to promote them in advance.

I have already discovered, to my cost, that the police and the authorities will do whatever it takes to counter any action I bring against them. They use my words as weapons. Whenever I bring private prosecutions I find myself under personal attack from police lawyers, who will crawl over every video and article I have ever posted, taking my words out of context, as a means to portray me as a demon who has it in for the angels in blue.

As a result of this I have taken a number of steps to prevent this from happening. Thus far it has been quite successful, but from now on, I can only discuss cases once they have been concluded. The only proviso to this is if I need to raise funding, but it goes without saying that upon conclusion of these cases I will relay every detail to those that support me.

Email support

During my year long writing session of Copper Stopper, my contact form was switched off and I was not reading or responding to emails. I apologise for that. It has always been my aim to thank every person who donates, but in this case my thank yous have been excessively late. I hope it didn’t appear rude of me.

I will, from this point, do my best to respond to emails, but please, please don’t hit me up with thousand word essays on your problems. If you keep your emails brief, you are much more likely to get a response. I hope you can understand that I am regularly inundated with requests for help. These are, most commonly, people trying to get free legal advice because they’ve seen one of my videos on Youtube. I will always try to respond to those who have supported the website, but I can only do so on a superficial level.

It takes me on average 15 minutes to read and respond to emails asking for help. On a slow day I might receive 20 such emails. That means I would have to spend 5 hours a day to answer them all. I appreciate that it might be very important for the person asking to get help, but in the long run it does very little to further the cause for everyone else. So please, please keep your emails brief.

Blasts from the past

As I roll out this new website, I invite you to browse through the postings salvaged from the old website. Here’s a few I would highly recommend:

The Hate Crime that Never Was: the Persecution and Prosecution of Louis Duxbury
This is the last article I posted on the old website. It examines, in depth, the wrongful conviction of Louis Duxbury – an extreme right wing stooge manufactured by the CPS to give the impression that extremism is a multi-cultural problem.

Private prosecutions

I have yet to give a comprehensive account of how I pursued a prosecution against a violent Derbyshire police officer, but two articles in particular will give you some insight into the obstructions put in my way by the courts, the CPS and the police:
My part in the prosecution of PC Mark Knights is over
My Experiences of Privately Prosecuting A Police Officer

PC Paul Cotton and PC Lauren Buckle: 6 Characteristics that Make a Bad Police Officer
I brought a private prosecution against both of these officers that was ultimately blockaded by the courts. They embody everything that is wrong with modern day police officers and in this article I sum up what that is.

Succesful lawsuits

Scattered among the site are a few stories of the successful lawsuits I have helped being against various police forces on other people’s behalf. A sample of them are here.

How I Successfully Sued Armed Police with a Single Letter of Claim
Vindictive Thames Valley Cop Gets His Just Deserts
How the Met Police’s Bogus Allegation of A Hate Crime Got Them Sued
Make £100 Each Time the Police Stop You From Filming in Public
How to Sue the Police and Win (Without Ever Having To Go To Court)

Other interesting stuff

Watch How This Vehicle Owner Defeats the DVLA Car Clampers
I’d forgotten this even existed until I came across it during my updates. Admittedly, nothing to do with me but one of the funniest and creative ways of dealing with scum bailiffs I have ever seen.

Revealed: The Highest Ranking Officer Involved in the Rotherham Scandal
I fought against the IPCCs cover-up for almost a year to get them to reveal all of the ranks of officers involved in the Rotherham scandal. Here I finally got a result.

Hampshire Police threaten Youtuber with prosecution, for ‘slandering’ cops
This story is atypical of how ignorant the police are on the law and how readily they abuse their powers of office in an attempt to silence freedom of speech.

TSG – The Unscrupulous Security Company that Pretends to be the Police
One of the most popular articles on the website at the time. This article went viral almost as soon as I posted it. In turn, the company directors at TSG noticed a huge, unwanted spike in their website traffic. As a result they were forced to change their company name, cancel their trademark, and eventually abandon their entire website.

The myth of policing as a dangerous job

These are some of the oldest postings to survive on this new version of Crimebodge. They examine the myth of policing as being dangerous, with some very surprising statistics.

More British Police Officers Die At Their Desks From Bad Health Than From Violent Crime On The Streets

A Dangerous Job Under Difficult Circumstances? – The Myth of Police Danger

Thank you

Finally, thank you to everyone who has loyally supported me over the past decade. Everything I do would be meaningless without you. And I am especially grateful to everyone who has donated, visited, watched, subscribed, bought my products and just generally kept petrol in the tank.

The support I have received is fantastic. The encouraging emails are a delight. Thank you to every single supporter (you know who you are), and I hope you will keep visiting.

You are always welcome.