Crimebodge Clocks Up 1.25 Million Views!

As Crimebodge has just clocked up over 1.25 Million views I want to say a massive thank you to all readers and subscribers who have made Crimebodge the number one police-watch site on the internet.

A special thanks to everyone who has purchased my Ebooks, templates and associated products. It’s because of you Crimebodge continues to flourish and grow, as this is how the site is funded.

Over the past few years this site has helped many thousands of people with their problems and I am always willing to help anyone who believes they are being treated unfairly by the police.

Meanwhile, thanks to everyone who supports this site. It makes me doubly determined to continue to provide as much help and information as I possibly can to combat the long plastic arm of authority.

Rob Warner, MARCH 2015