Buy your Crimebodge Window stickers here!

To celebrate the relaunch of Crimebodge, I have commissioned a batch of window stickers.

Each sticker is 2 inches x 7 inches in size, styled in the design of the original logo (with an emphasis on filming the police). They are coated in a non-destructive adhesive on the printed side, so you can place them inside your car or home window, facing outward.

Purchase now for £5 each including free shipping to anywhere in the UK.

Crimebodge is still the number one police watch website in the UK, and a curse word on the lips of all police officers. By advertising your support, you will be putting the police on notice, which may (perhaps) make them more wary of abusing you. Or maybe not. Be the first to find out and let me know.

I only have a limited supply of these, so get in fast. And don’t worry, I will not retain any of your contact details after despatch, except for your email address, to notify you.

Even the police think that Crimebodge is better than they are.

I would appreciate any stories you can share with me about any reaction you get to these stickers, and allow me to share those stories on this page.

Every penny goes back into the website.

If your payment address is different to your delivery address then please drop me an email and I will ensure your order reaches the right place.

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