Do I have to get out of my car for police in the UK?

No, you are not generally required to exit your vehicle when stopped by the police in the UK. There are specific circumstances, however, where an officer may lawfully request or require you to leave your car. These include situations where the police intend to search you or your vehicle, place you under arrest, conduct a field impairment test (such as asking you to walk in a straight line), or perform a check on your vehicle’s roadworthiness. In these cases, compliance is necessary.

Conversely, if an officer merely wants to speak with you or issue a penalty notice, you are not obliged to exit your vehicle. You have the right to remain inside your car during such interactions. Similarly, there is no requirement for you to join the officer in their vehicle.

Further to this, you are not required to wind your window down, any further than it takes to pass requested documents through the gap or to hear what the officer is saying.

If the police ask you to exit your vehicle or sit in theirs you are wholly within your rights to decline. If the officer insists, ask them to clarify the reasons why you are obliged to follow their instruction. Ensure that you record your interaction, or ask the officer to activate their body worn video. If the officers uses force, or threatens to arrest you if you don’t comply you may have grounds to bring a legal action against them for assault.