The Crimebodge website was established in 2012 by Rob Warner to highlight the many abuses of the police against the public, particularly the police’s casual indifference towards civil rights and their preference for enforcing their own brand of law during ordinary interactions.

Through this website and the corresponding YouTube channel, Crimebodge has actively campaigned against the bias of the police complaints process, the low standards of police training, the police’s lack of basic understanding of the law, and the infiltration of its ranks by individuals unfit for public service.

Crimebodge provides resources and advice to ordinary members of the public across a broad range of law enforcement issues, helping to bring lawsuits and criminal prosecutions against police forces and individual police officers alike.

In 2021, we succeeded in having PC Mark Knights, a violent Derbyshire police officer who attacked an innocent member of the public during a road rage incident, prosecuted for assault, convicted, and ultimately sacked from the force.

Our fundamental aim is to provide the public with the knowledge and resources they need to protect themselves from the excesses of all types of law enforcement.