Rob Warner is the creator and owner of the Crimebodge website.

For the past ten years, he has pro-actively campaigned against police corruption and police made law. Through this website and its corresponding Youtube channel, he has helped tens of thousands of people overcome abuses of authority across a broad range of issues, such as the police’s refusal to investigate crime, malicious arrest and prosecution, unlawful seizure of goods, untrue allegations, unwarranted investigation, forced entry, violent police officers, misconduct and the wholly corrupt police complaints process.

Rob has successfully sued dozens of regional police forces in Britain on behalf of those who cannot find legal representation. More recently, he has helped bring a number of private criminal prosecutions against violent and corrupt police officers that the IOPC refuse to hold to account. Most notably, PC Mark Knights, who violently assaulted an innocent member of the public during a civil disagreement. When Derbyshire Police refused to discipline him, Rob launched a private prosecution that succeeded in having Knights convicted of common assault and sacked from the police force.

Rob Warner has laboured intensively to bring to the public’s attention the police’s ignorance and routine abuse of the law, and the overall threat they pose to the safety of ordinary people. Police work is ego- driven and tends to attract the worst aspects of society into its ranks. The public need to understand the risks and consequences of any kind of police interaction. Crimebodge aims to provide the public with the knowledge and resources they need to protect themselves from the excesses of law enforcement.